About us
Mark Reister is a passionate property investor and loves everything about real estate. For 23 years (from 1993 to 2016) he worked in real estate helping sellers achieve the best price possible for their home, and he has also owned his own real estate office during this time. Mark has worked with all types of Vendors and property Buyers, but his real passion is creating wealth through investment properties.

Back in 2002 Mark decided he wanted to personally start investing in properties. Because of his real estate knowledge he knew he could find properties and not over-pay but he wanted to find a system that would allow him to buy properties in blue-chip areas and pay below market price. He has developed a system that allows him to do just that and helped him earn a reputation as a leading property advisor in Melbourne!

Mark describes the system as incredibly simple and straightforward. “It’s the exact same principle we are all familiar and comfortable with whenever we buy any product in bulk. The more we buy the cheaper the item becomes on a per unit basis. This system is perfect because it guarantees me the results and it can be repeated time and again”.

The problem was Mark didn’t want to buy a large number of properties in one transaction and face the risk of overextending himself. So, he formed Buying Groups. Buyers in these groups purchase their own individual property in their name. The Group is simply using its combined negotiating power to ensure they reach their goal. This platform earned him recognition as one of the leading property wealth advisors one can place their trust upon.

With his Buying Group Mark purchased his first investment properties in Cheltenham. Since then, he has gone on to form numerous Buying Groups and has bought properties in suburbs such as Carlton, St. Kilda, Abbotsford, Carnegie, Maidstone etc.

In 2018 Mark decided that he would now like to help real estate buyers find their ideal property and create wealth through property investing. Mark is still forming Buying Groups. The goal with each Group is to buy properties with a minimum 5% discount below market value. Using his unique strategies Mark saves his clients tens of thousands of dollars. As an example, in two of his recent Buying Groups Mark purchased apartments in Carnegie and saved a total of $190,000 below the Sworn Independent Valuations. This was a saving of $27,000 (on average) for each client and was 5.4% below the valuation figure. In Maidstone Mark purchased 6 townhouses and collectively saved a total of $336,025 which was a saving of $50,000 (on average) for each client, or 6.79% below market value.

Mark Reister
Mark describes the system as incredibly simple and straightforward. “It’s the exact same principle we are all familiar and comfortable with whenever we buy any product in bulk”.
Mimmo Lahia has always had a fascination and keen interest in investing in real estate, and over the years has attended numerous property seminars and read lots of books on the subject.

Mimmo and Mark first met over 10 years ago, after Mimmo finished reading Mark’s first book. As good fortunate would have it they were both living in Shepparton at the time.

They have formed a close bond over the following years and have now joined forces comprising of top AUS Property Professionals to establish Investing in Properties.

Mimmo has a strong and successful business background. Establishing Peaches Cafe in Shepparton and Clean House Melbourne, which won the Australian Enterprise Award in 2021. His collaboration and partnership with a recognised property strategist like Mark is perfect because Mimmo’s vast knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for marketing and IT is as extensive as Mark’s is in real estate.

Mimmo & Mark
Vision statement
To be the leading property investment business in Australia
Mission statement
Our mission is to empower every person to fulfil their dreams by creating financial freedom through real estate
Our Values
  • Trust: We act ethically at all times in the best interests of our valued clients.
  • Honesty: We provide open and honest communication to our clients at all times.
  • Innovation: We continuously look to improve the way we do things and the outcomes we achieve for our clients.
  • Inclusiveness: We keep our clients informed at all times.
  • Leaders: We are a respected leader in our Industry who always upholds and maintains the highest standards.
Mark Reister with a Client